Sweat pads
for clothes

Pads comfort

12 x 12 cm

Sweat pads divitay comfort

This kind of inserts is great for:

  • Women
  • For slimmer clothes
  • People with a smaller size
  • People with mild perspiration

Pads classic

15 x 12 cm

Вкладыши в одежду divitay classic

This kind of inserts is great for:

  • Men
  • For more dense clothes
  • People of great size
  • People with heavy sweating

Inserts in Divita clothing comply with the norms of Ukraine.

Conclusion of the state sanitary and epidemiological expertise of 16/ 09 / 2010. 05.03.02-03 / 66674
The State Inspectorate for Quality Control of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine 14.09.2010h.VM-616/D

Composition of materials

The entire composition of materials is environmentally friendly

entire composition

Comparison of sizes

Comfort - 12 x 12 x 0,05 cm.     Classic - 15 x 12 x 0,1 cm.

Visual comparison of sizes, two types of liners
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Number of packages Packing price / uah discount
(In the package 10 pcs)
Comfort     Classic
from 1 to 20
48,00         50,00
from 20 to 50
45,60         47,50
from 50 to 100
43,20         45,00
from 100 to 200
40,80         42,50
from 200 to 400
38,40         40,00
from 400
36,00         37,50


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Courier 50 uah. Money Gram
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Ordering goods

Buy Pads comfort

Comfort: B01KKTICZA
Price:48 uah.

Buy Pads classic

Classic: B01KKLN2GC
Price: 50 uah.


Reliable protection from sweat

Nowadays, all somewhere to run and hurry. Decisions domestic issues are simplified and optimized. We live in times of high technologies and achievements, we have access to all updates for every taste and budget. The best product - is the product that simplifies solving everyday minor and routine matters. Among other things, we all want to look as fashionable, fresh and sexy a model with fashion gloss, radiate happiness and confidence. But in our furious pace is not always all of us can not be on the ball and look as fresh as the morning. Notice the tabs for clothes Divitay! Perhaps, for sureday, you do not have enough of it? The thin, self-adhesive; pads for wear Divitay help prevent wet clothes in the armpits at the worst possible moment. To visit you in the office, on the walk, they are always on the alert; suitable for everyday wear, and solemn. Reliable protection from sweat

Divitay tabs for clothes made from natural materials and do not cause allergies, their appearance and design, adjustable size, taking into account the physiological and anatomical features of the person, elastic and soft structure, easily takes the form of a thin, even wear, will satisfy the most demanding consumer. Inserts forclothes Divitay - a reliable protection from sweat!

Environmentally safe product

Made of cotton material. Ply, cellulose, cotton and polyester. Just glued to the tissue by means of adhesive coating, which is applied fragmentalno on polyester. Sorbent layer is cellulose. By touching the body hlopchata side. Inserts in clothing Divitay meet all standards of Ukraine.

The manufacturer offers loose clothes in two sizes: 15.0 x 12.5 x 12.5 cm and 12.0 cm - just for him and for her. Now the smell of sweat would not find you by surprise. Inserts are simple and not noticeable during use, are glued directly clothing, due to its adhesive coating. Most importantly, these small inconspicuous "assistant"protect your clothes stains from perspiration and deodorant used, keep dry and tidy clothes throughout the day and continue his term life. Recommended medicine for maintaining health of the body, including the shoulder joint dislocations. Choose irreplaceable helpers - underarm pads for Divitay. Inserts for clothes Divitay - for your confidenceday is a good and easy solution is a nasty question.


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